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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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with non-life threatening injuries. the bus driver was shaken. >> this is a ificant accident. >> reporter: there were delays for riders as several buses in traffic had to be rerouted around the crash. >> reporter: and police say there is no word on what caused the van to swerve and cross the lines of traffic. the last time a bus was involved in a fatal accident was in 2010. live, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. thunderstorms have been moving through this afternoon. here is a live look at live storm tracker 2. you may be seeing lots of sun or heavy rain. a heavy down pour. this was at 2:30 p.m.
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this afternoon on 580. ktvu'smeteorologist mark tamayo has more. >> they had strong thunderstorms in the area. also up to the north, our bay point camera pointed to the north. look at what we find here, a rainbow and around this region. breaks in the clouds. sunshine. that is why the rainbow and significant rainfall. thunderstorms to the north. here is a live storm tracker 2, the loop. the activity winding down in santa cruz county but all of our attention is focused in the northern half of the bay area, sonoma county, napa county. contra costa county. heavy rain prompting a flood advisory till 7:15 p.m. this evening. look at all the lightning strikes in the past 45 empties. a lot of lightning -- 45
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minutes. a lot of lightning strikes. here is the over all coverage here. lightning strikes, napa. north of the east of napa. 9 miles northeast of napa. rainfall over a half inch. that is over the past six hours. you get an idea how intense some of the down pours are. we will put a spot on this one as you can see. napa. that one cell, .37 inches an hour. heavier rain, down pours. thunder in cloverdale as well. activity closer to santa rosa, 101. heavier down pours. street level right now. fountain grove parkway. heavier down pours. franklin avenue. the wider perspective here.
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towards antioch, heavier down pours. highway 4. the rain showers will remain in the forecast, thunderstorms, over the next few hours. another update on the radar and the changes for the weekend coming up in 10 minutes. >> thank you. for real time weather updates download our weather app. an uber driver is accused of hitting a passenger in the head with a hammer. the 26-year-old plead not guilty to sexual assault with a deadly weapon -- to assault with a deadly weapon. he hit his passenger with a hammer. he is free on $125,000 bail. thousands of commuters are having to find another way home because of a one day strike by golden gate bridge ferry captains. ktvu's david stevenson has a look at the impact on
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commuters. >> number of commuters are taking buses tonight. it is a sign of what the strike is doing bay area roads. >> reporter: the gates were locked. the ferries were idle and passengers were disappointed. >> disappointed. it would have been the first time for him to take the ferry. >> the strike began at 4:30 a.m. this morning. 20 captains over see 9,000 commuter trips each day. today the commuters had to finds other ways to travel. >> we had 10% more traffic on the golden gate bridge. >> the golden gate bridge distribute is bargaining in bad faith in contract talks.
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they are at audits or pay and healthcare contributions. >> it is possible another union could go on strike in the future. >> reporter: 12 bus drivers also called in 6 yesterday, forcing the cancellation of 20 bus trips. a special ferry service for the game is canceled. >> we expect increased traffic particularly given the giants game and that would take 700 people into san francisco and back. >> reporter: talks between the union and the bridge district are set to resume on monday. at 6:00 p.m. the impact on tourism in one bay area community. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. hundreds of flights across the country delayed, even canceled today because of a fire at a air traffic control center near chicago. this was the flight tracker map from earlier today.
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the area around chicago was empty. 30 minutes ago planes are still avoiding the chicago area. the ripple effect from the fire in chicago is felt at san francisco international airport. sfo officials say the problem in chicago resulted in the cancellation of 9 arrivals and 9 depatchers and hour long -- departures and how long delays. 4 flights were canceled at san mineta international airport. >> we are going to go to my nephews wedding in wisconsin. >> while chicago's airports are back open most flights have been canceled. authorities are work to learn more about the working accused of starting the fire. authorities say it was not terrorism. >> reporter: passengers across the country are expressing
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frustration after a shut down at o'hare airport and midway airport. a fire to air traffic control tower sent ripple effects across the nation. >> firefighters and policemen responded for a report of a fire in the basement. >> reporter: at the site investigators discovered an injured contract employee who tried to commit suicide. he was angry about being transferred to hawaii. he was suffering from self- inflicted wounds. >> a 36-year-old male who was a contract employee was located in a basement suffering from self-inflicted wounds. >> reporter: 5900 flights were canceled or delays. >> everything is -- everything. >> the 5 hour shut down also
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creating major delays pthousands of folks -- thousands of folks across the country. >> i think i will make a drive to indianapolis. >> made a disease head to the terminal -- made a decision to head to the terminal and deal with it. >> the suspect is being treated at a hospital for his injuries. no word on charges he will face as federal and local agencies are investigating. fox news. the san francisco coroner's office confirmed a father and his son died after being caught in a rip tied at ocean beach. they were pulled underwatt on -- under water on wednesday. firefighters spotted them and got them out of the water. according to the medical examiner both died in the hospital after the rescue. the coast guard ended its search for a missing boater in
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san francisco bay. early yesterday a sail boat was found near alcatraz. a ferry reported seeing someone on board wearing rain gear but that sailor was not on board when the boat was found. the owners say their boat was taken and they are okay. they closed the case 10:30 p.m. last night. he turned in his winning lottery ticket but he wants to remain a normal man. >> he will try his best to stay as normal as possible knowing him but that will be hard with the kind of winning he got. >> he is a hard working and deserving man. he was a nail salon technician. he uses his tip money to buy lottery tickets. business owners say that news is a great fing for the whole area.
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-- thing for the whole area. >> about time to get recognition by winning a big lottery. nationwide. we are thrilled about that. >> they will receive $1 million for selling the ticket and he will receive $228 million over the next 30 years. in a few hours caltrans will shut down highway 37 in the north bay for a seconds weekend. it begins at 10:00 p.m. tonight between sears point ask highway 29. it is part of a repaving project. one that crews began last weekend. it will open by 5:00 a.m. mondays morning. forcing people to get a permit to snap pictures in public parks. >> the proposal that is sparking outrage and why they say it is not what it seems. >> and a college investigating two sex crimes on campus. why students face a greater
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part of the famous sunset strip was flooded -- strip food after water main break. thousands of gallons poured into the street about 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. a los angeles water department tweeted it didn't appear to be a large water line and they weren't sure who owned the line. parts of the street are closed tonight. three more european countries joined the u.s. coalition carrying out air
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strikes in iraq. earlier in the day delium and denmark voted to join. the -- belgium and denmark voted to join. 200 air strikes have been carried out in iraq and 42 in syria. great britain will contribute six tornado fighters that is within striking distance of northern iraq. >> isil is a terrorist organization unlike those we have dealt with before. this is not the stuff of fantasy. it is happening in front of us and we need to face up to it. >> the prime minister said action is imperative because isis has already killed one british hostage and threatening the lives of two more. another foster farms chicken recall. 39,747 pounds of frozen pre- cooked chicken products because of possible contamination with listeria monocytogenes produced in louisiana and sold in
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california. the product code p-3 3901 with a best by date of august 5, 2015. there was a recall of foster farms chicken this past summer due to salmonella. ford announced a recall today, 39,747 pounds of frozen pre-cooked chicken products because of possible contamination with listeria -- ford announced a recall today. 2013-14 ford c-max compact, fusion midsize, escape suv and the lincoln mkz luxury car, all sold in north america. ford says the restraints control module in the car could short circuit, causing the air- bag warning indicator to light up. if the short circuit occurs, restraint devices including the air bags, pretensioners, and side curtains might not work in a crash. ford says at this point it is not aware of any accidents. man was killed in a crash on interstate 680 this morning. the california highway patrol
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says the driver struck a van on 680. the car hit the center divide and veered off the road. the car hit a sign and a fence throwing the driver from the vehicle. a 19-year-old of pittsburg was pronounced dead at the scene. he was not wearing a seatbelt. firefighters are getting the upper hand on the king fire. it is now 68% contained after burning 96,000 acres and 12 homes in the foothills. firefighters are now moving out of some of the areas that are no longer threatened. >> reporter: firefighters northeast of pollock pines wrapped up some hoses today and headed out of areas no longer in danger on the east end of the king fire. what is left of the fire is
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burning in remote, unpopulated areas. from here the reservoir that supplied water today, firefighters are taking a dirt road to reach flames that residents will likely never see. >> 68% containment. which is exceptional. >> reporter: but there will be more work ahead for foresters once firefighters are gone. they will have to tend to the burned landic examining -- land, examining soil disturbed by fire. >> this isn't going to be over soon. once the fire is controlled we will be moving in to rehab activities, trying to prepare for having these water sheds continue to deliver clean water. what is happening here at home. our meteorologist mark tamayo in for our chief meteorologist bill martin.
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>> active weather pattern over the past three to four hours. thunderstorms developing, producing heavy rainfall. lightning strikes and also take a look at this on radar. the rainbow showing up. looking up to the north. parts of the bay area sunny. other parts cloud cover and the thunderstorms developing out there as well. a lot of coverage in the northern half of the region. 18 strikes. especially centered around wincer and guerneville and santa rosa. this is the history over the past three years. thunderstorms developing up to the north and gifting to the south. napa -- drifting drifting to the south. napa. here is the coverage out there. heavy rainfall, fairfield, napa, santa rosa. yellows and reds, heavy donators. cosh down pours. and the flood -- heavy down
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pours. and flood advisory till 7:15 p.m. more sunshine for san francisco and fremont. it could drift closer to these parts of the bay area as we head into the evening hours. right now our model is showing you this, the action is to the north. 7:00 p.m. tonight. this particular forecast model showing regeneration of cells in the south bay. san jose. this could happen anywhere tonight and saturday morning. early saturday morning could have lingering showers. especially in the south bay. into the afternoon, skies becoming partly cloudy. this could produce rain and snow for the higher elevations saturday and sunday. over night lows tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies and cool. cooler air will continue to move into the region. talking about 40s. here is the culprit for today
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and tonight. the area of low pressure producing instability out there. evening showers. thunderstorms. moves out to the east over the weekend. that will bring us warming. especially by sunday and monday. not too much for tomorrow but warmer temperatures in the long range forecast, especially next week. highs for tomorrow, upper 60s to upper 70s for afternoon highs. san jose 73. look ahead, your five-day forecast, temperatures trending up. sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday. increasing fire danger and warming temperatures. big headline, it is happening right now, we will have another update in 20 minutes. >> looks like some of the showers are intense. >> and probably heavy enough you might want to pull over on the side of the road. >> thank you. two sexual assaults weeks into the new year. how the school is trying to stop them. and the man hunt for a man
5:21 pm
accused of killing a state trooper takes another twist. the hotel they searched today and the suspect's cession to -- cession to it. >> bay area students are warned not to go on the grass because of a pest problem. >> the flee problem escalated. ants, roaches and other pests. >> the action administrators are taking tonight to make sure it is safe for students to return to school on monday. >> getting rid of old prescription drugs, the change that will allow you to throw away your old medications. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. it makes me happy to go on the computer.
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authorities are looking for a man accused of ambushing a pennsylvania state trooper and they searched a hotel that is said to be haunted. the buck hill inn. it was a place eric matthew frein used to visit and searchers wint through the building building to look -- went through the building to look for him. he has been hiding in the woods and has not been captured. tony stewart says he may never race again. he hit and killed a fellow driv kevin ward, jr -- driv kevin ward, jr. in new york. his -- driver kevin ward, jr.
5:25 pm
in new york. also today the promoter of the race in which kevin ward, jr. was killed said there is no drug testing of drivers. tests showed kevin ward, jr. was under the influence of marijuana on the night he died. mike honda is defending himself after accusations of ethic violations. they held a news conference to call for an investigation. they claim he used house resources to influence his reelection campaign. e-mails show an aid coordinating invitations to a event for south asian tech ininvestment folks. >> it is -- investment folks. >> it is possible they wanted to get them to support the congressman. if they targeted our donors,
5:26 pm
that is more troubling. >> campaign solicitations may not be linked to official actions to be taken by a house member. he said house rules were not violated. he believes staff should have taken more care to prevent the appearance of coordination. there are new concerns about possible corrosion damage to the eastern span of the bay bridge. officials say water leaks may have corroded several of the huge steel rods that anchor the tower of the bridge to the base. inspectors discovered the problem last week but they think the leaks may date back to 2010 before the tower was lowered into position. the water has been drained and officials are trying to figure out whether any rods were damaged. a similar problem led to a replacement system for the rods. a tax at a bay area college campus. >> st. mary's college is a
5:27 pm
small campus that has been problems. what officials are doing after two sexual assaults this year. >> and hopefully a sign of things to come. the california town that is seeing snow in september. >> and this home could be yours for a dollar but there is a catch. what the new owner will have to do before moving in.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> only three weeks into the new school year and already st. mary's college is dealing with the problem of sexual assault. we have learned two incidents have students on edge despite the school's efforts to stop the attacks. ktvu's john sasaki is at st. mary's college with what he found out. john? >> reporter: officials say there could can have been more sexual assaults. >> reporter: classes are wrapping up at st. mary's college. so many students will be celebrating the weekend tonight but perhaps with greater care because there have been two cases of sexual assault. >> between two students. reported to us. two people met each other. agreed to watch movies and then it went bad from there. >> reporter: in a dorm a male
5:31 pm
student fondled a student and exposed himself. >> not surprising it happened because schools all over the nation have to deal with sexual assault. >> the other incident was not officially reported so it is unclear where it happened. >> the crimes that were reported to us was fondling and sexual assault. >> it is scary that it is -- so prevalent on our campus because we do a lot of sexual assault outreach and education. >> youknow. >> reporter: they applaud the yes, me yes, law. >> everyone has to get consent. it is mandatory. a verbal yes before anything can happen. >> school officials want all victims to come forward to report the crimes so the problem could be tackled head on. >> 80 pest of all sexual
5:32 pm
assaults on college -- 80% of all sexual assaults on college campus goes unreported. >> no means no. hands off. do something different. >> reporter: women resource center hands out coasters that could help people determine if someone drugged their drink. the first part of school is the worse time for sexual assaults because it is new students with new freedoms. live, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. new information tonight, police are investigating five earl morning fires as suspicious. they broke out between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. along international boulevard corridor. the first fire happened at a house on east 15. about 4:20 a.m. this morning. 5 adults and 4 children were able to escape without injury. firefighters tell oswarehouse, a vehicle and -- us a warehouse
5:33 pm
and a vehicle caught fire. all are being investigated as arson. we know the names of victims found inside a apartment. they were found dead in the apartment wednesday night after authorities were called to the complex after getting reports of a strong gas like odor. residents were evacuated from the building on california street. the gas contained high levels levels of two potentially toxic chemicals. it is not known if they played a part in the deaths. police tonight are looking for a suspect who say they shot a man in the head leaving him critically injured. investigators released this photo of jose luis gramajo. yesterday he was walking when he got into a fight with a driver. the motorist started driving away, that is when the suspect opened fire. the 22-year-old driver was hit in the head. a passenger in the car was also
5:34 pm
hurt. investigators say the suspect is to be considered armed and dangerous. there is a new push to convince the 49ers to bench san francisco 49ers defensive tackle ray mcdonald while police investigate the domestic violence case involving he and his fiance. they say they have collected 50,000 signatures online. it is asking the nfl and the 49ers to deactivate players who are being investigated byplaces for domestic violence until their cases are re-- investigate investigated for domestic violence until their cases are resolved. >> they haven't received a response from the 49ers about the ray mcdonald situation. they have said they will not bench ray mcdonald. instead they will respect due process in the case.
5:35 pm
at this point ray mcdonald has not been charged. his first court appearance is set for monday. the chancellor of university of california at berkeley called it embarrassing. the graduation rates of student athletes are the lowest in the country. ktvu's mike mibach reports today is a new beginning for the university after they accepted 50 recommendations from a task force formed to set them on a path to success and leadership. >> reporter: the university of california at berkeley. >> i love the culture. >> reporter: a academic institution. >> i love the people. >> reporter: that prides itself on success. according to data cal was failing when it came tostudent athlete graduation -- to student athlete graduation rates. . >> reporter: he was new to campus with they revealed football and basketball teams
5:36 pm
among the lowest graduation rates. he created a task force looking to improve the culture. they released their final reports. including the athletic director reporting directly to the chancellor. reducing mid-week events and stricter admission requirements. >> we want to be attentive to students will success and prosper here. >> reporter: another recommendation, holding coaches more responsible, just not for the performance on the field but also in the classroom. >> we introduced perform reviews. the need for academics to be taken seriously and the condition of success. >> reporter: it recommends a professional adviser. >> we hope other universities will do the same things we are doing. this is a national issue. >> reporter: he says it is
5:37 pm
about pride. and moving forward. he wants every student to graduate into a position of leadership in work and in life. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. college students are getting ready to move in but some are scrambling to find a place to live. >> and the steal of the century. this home could be yours for a dollar but why there is a major catch. >> and a real life fatal attraction, how a cancer researcher tried to kill her colleague and her lover and the punishment she is facing tonight.
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a jury in texas convicted a cancer researcher of poisoning her lover who was also her colleague. she stood as the verdict was read. prosecutors that say that she laced her lover's coffee with a chemical found in antifreeze after he left her for another woman. she faces the possibility of life in prison. there are questions surrounding proposed fees for professional photographers in national wilderness areas. justin gray reports on how they
5:41 pm
are responding. >> reporter: most of us first glimpse america's national wonders through photography but now a new rule has verdicts -- advocates worrying. it could mean everyone would be required to apply for permits to shoot on federal land. >> photography has a special place. >> reporter: they traveled all over the country -- >> a poor idea. i can't imagine. >> reporter: they say there is a lot of misunderstanding about the rule. there would be no permit required to snap a selfie here or to be here with a paragrapher. in a statement they say the directive pertains to
5:42 pm
commercial photographer and filming only. but they say the way the rule is written is not clear. the rule isn't official yet. anyone can go online and give a comment on the proposal. justin gray, ktvu channel 2 news. heading back to college but with an uneasy feeling. the reason some may be starting the year without a place to live. >> i feel good about the settlement. and this -- this chapter could be closed and i could move on. >> however the case isn't over for the chp officer whabeat her. -- who beat her. the punishment she thinks is necessary. >> and weather, parts of the bay area, clouds, other parts severe thunderstorms. severe thunderstorm for napa county, more on that coming up and also an update on the radar. ñsxóxgñ ♪
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♪ new at 5:00 p.m. parecord number -- a record number of freshman moving in today on the campus of uc santa cruz but off campus the is trouble. ktvu's ann rubin tells us, some are still trying to find a place to live. even though classes begin in a few days. >> reporter: today they are moving in. uc santa cruz is projecting a
5:46 pm
record freshman class. 4,030. >> i am ready to move in. ready to get my college career started. >> they have been scrambling to make room. still there are fewer beds this year. >> real a competitive. especially this year -- really competitive. especially this year. >> reporter: off campus housing is more difficult to find. demand is great in santa cruz. she found she was priced out of her apartment. >> i had to readjustment my budget. >> reporter: officials have been trying to help. even though they aren't responsible for off campus housing. >> they sent out a message asking if you have an extra room or know somebody let us know. there is a demand. >> reporter: it left some students scrambling. >> that is my summer. trying to find a place.
5:47 pm
i have been bouncing arn. i was able to get one here. -- around. i was able to get one here. >> he found his place. >> came down like right to the wire. >> reporter: while all freshman are guaranteed on campus housing there is a wait list of 200 looking looking for a bed. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. sheriff's deputies are looking for who is behind some marijuana grow operations. deputies located six grow areas. they took out 6500 marijuana plants. some were 8 feet tall. many were in temporary greenhouse structures and they found where the hillside was graded for planting. at this point no arrests have been made. build in in redwood city is on the market for 1 dollar but there is a catch. whoever buys the home will have to move it off of the property. this is a google street view of
5:48 pm
the building. a developer wants to build a new apartment building there. but the developer has to put the house up for spheral $1. -- up for sale for $1. there are still reports of problems with apple's new operating system despite a fix just released yesterday for the ios8 update. it was issued to address problems connecting to a network to make calls and with the finger print censor. some say despite the update problems persist. apple has apologized for the bugs. users directed to down loan -- are directed to download an earlier version. . tahoe ski reports are seeing the first signs of winter. crews say they are gearing up for more snow.
5:49 pm
they point out opening day is now just 56 days away. the ski resort says this is one of the earliest snow falls in recent years. let's hope they make up for it and more. in the bay area we are getting rain, let's go to our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> we will get more tonight into tomorrow morning but the big story here, the thunderstorms. the national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for napa county. including the city of napa. that is in place till 6:00 p.m. yellows and reds, that is a thunderstorm. moving to the south. 5 miles per hour. there is a sweep showing you the current pattern. napa, the heavier down pours. jefferson street. jefferson street. not only for napa but we have rain, thunderstorms for sonoma county as well.
5:50 pm
cloverdale, to the south. santa rosa. on the approach to petaluma. lightning strikes within the last half hour, you can see a big area out towards solano county, napa county, santa rosa, and reports of lightning in cloverdale as well. a look at the radar with heavier rain down pours, sonoma. one cell approaching petaluma. looks like we could have heavier down pours. increase in coverage right now. the rest of the bay area a different story. partly cloudy skies. we will hold on to showers and thunderstorms. especially in the north bay over the next 2-3 hours. warning in place till 6:00 p.m. this evening. it could be extended. activity, lingering clouds in the region and then we could have a few pop up showers tonight and tomorrow morning.
5:51 pm
here is the rain and snow expected towards the sierra saturday. saturday morning, the chance of spotty sprinkles. the main event is happening right now with the thunderstorms. sierra, no warnings or watches. but tonight through saturday we could have snow fall, 3-6 inches above 8,000 feet. and a chance of snow closer to 6,000 feet. the main culprit right now, the area of low pressure, producing the thunderstorms. that is the main event with skies partly cloudy skies for the bay area. that will move out this weekend. we will warm up sunday and monday. highs for tomorrow, in the 60s and 70s. cool start for your saturday morning. san jose 73. half moon bay, 67 degrees. and your five-day forecast, we will warm back up. increasing fire danger next week for monday, tuesday and wednesday. we will have to keep an eye on the radar. a chance we could have more
5:52 pm
warnings for the bay area. >> thank you. stepping up to the plate to save the parks they love. how one city is seeing success after the state threatened to close the park. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, we told you about an uber driver accused of attacking his passenger a hammer --parage with a hammer today, we have an update and reaction from uber. . >> one school has a problem. >> these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. female announcer: save up to 35%
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>> stepping up to keep state parks in business. when they were threatened by budget cuts. parks were just a few of the dozens that were close to closing three years ago but the city stepped in and kept the parks from closing. ktvu's claudine wong with their success story and why they say work still needs to be done. >> reporter: in the quiet of the morning as the sun begins to rise over the recreation area the trails begin to fill. >> i really love the walk. >> reporter: on days like this
5:56 pm
it may be easy to forget the fear of closure but people haven't. >> nobody is taking it for granted. and so that is the change. >> what changed is the belief that all this is safe because this community fought to save it. >> been incredible. statewide. how many people stepped to the plate. >> that money came from non- profits, residents and local businesses. a five years ago a fashion show was held. next week two local business owners will continue to tradition -- the tradition. [ indiscernible ] >> the proceeds will as always go to the two state parks. it is money that is needed. till a couple months ago the parks association was still
5:57 pm
helping with operations. >> we took on the responsibility and provided funding to have expanded hours of operations and at that point opening and closing the gates. >> the battle cry that began in crisis still echoes today. >> we are better prepared. >> the conversation city, county and statewide still continues and one thing remains clear, if you want the parks -- >> i see a few people. >> reporter: every dollar counts. the crisis may be over but the challenges continue and they stay is important for everyone to remember when it comes to the state parks we are all in this together. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the park association says it established a volunteer coordinator position to help with maintenance and programs. it is still searching for a funding source. the show will be held saturday
5:58 pm
october 4. the woman caught being beaten by a charlie hurd is -- by a california highway patrol is speaking out. he punched her repeatedly. she agreed to accept a $1.5 million settlement and it required the officer to quit his job. >> i was glad he lost his job. >> her attorney says she wants to see the officer sent to prison now. the district attorney says it is investigating but hasn't yet issued charges. something that is angering some groups. now at 6:00 p.m. bay area school children on recess but told they can't play on the grass. the pest problem that administrators trying to clear -- administrators are trying to clear up. . >> an uber driver accused of hitting a passenger in the het
5:59 pm
with -- head with a hammer and heavy rain and thunderstorms are moving through the bay area right now. ktvu channel 2 news starts right now with breaking news. >> thunderstorms are popping up around the bay area tonight along with scattered showers. good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. there is intense weather out there right now. earlier this afternoon, i want to show you a scene from muren county. steady -- marin county. steady rain and there are thunderstorms on the radar and our meteorologist mark tamayo tracking them. >> widespread thunderstorms developing across the bay area. especially for the northern portions of the bay area. the national weather service issuing this: a flash flood warning for solano county,
6:00 pm
green valley as well. reports of flooding on rockville road in the area. a flash flood warning in place till 8:45 p.m. with the excessive rainfall amounts. heavier down pours. north bay, once again napa county had a severe thunderstorm warning that expires at 6:00 p.m. down pours have been decreasing. over the past two hours, look at all the lightning strikes. and looks like we have heavier down pours to the south of napa. closer to american canyon. there we go. heavier down pours. could be heavy if you are driving. you might want to pull over, that could impact your visibility. drifting to santa rosa. the activity should back off tonight and that will set a stage for changes this weekend. the main event is happening right now. a


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